Honeymoon in Las Vegas

After a big wedding, there’s nothing more bigger than Las Vegas to top it. Nothing beats the City of lights as a backdrop for your love. The exciting possibilities of this City is just the tip of the iceberg because it is the hotels that make it very interesting. Be wooed by this city’s hospitable people and first class service.

Where to stay in Las Vegas

Las Vegas and their hotels are all about the big L. With fabulous rates starting at $150 gives you the most romantic honeymoon suites. Enjoy signature dishes or nightclubs as well quixotic suites and grandiose experience to remember forever. Take advantage of the most imaginative Interior Designs of their suites. Big Hotels in Las Vegas are amazingly priced low especially if you are newlyweds. A little something these hoteliers gives back in the name of Love.

What to do in Las Vegas

Do not miss out on the most fantastic attractions and shows while you are in Las Vegas. Although you may be thinking of just spending each waking moment in bed, drinking in the most romantic of all suites in the World. But if you can peel yourself away from the sheets besides the shows are about a thousand romantic water shows around the strip. A romantic gondola ride that puts even the authentic ones in Venice to shame.

When in Las Vegas

Popularly known as the wedding capital of the world but Las Vegas should be rebranded as the Honeymoon destination of the future. Fabulous packages will put to shame even the most practical of all honeymoon plans. It not only gives you the lavishness of royalty for a small price but the feeling every couple looks for – remoteness. The perfect getaway and the most amorous sites of the world in one city.

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