Paris the Stylish City in the World

After watching Sex and the City end their Series in this city, I guess it’s safe to say that Paris is the most stylish City in the World. That a Carrie Bradshaw could up and leave her beloved New York City for Paris is testament to how beautiful Paris is to most fashionable, chic, trend hungry babe of the Big Apple.

Apartment vs Hotel

Knowing how to live it up in Paris is crucial to your fashionable stay. Hotels are one thing but to really taste Parisian life consider a fancy lodging in an Apartment. Not only is it practical but also the in thing for Parisian tourists these days. Anything French is fab-u-lous so imagine walking the streets of Paris, picking out French ingredients for those tasteful fancy dinners, eating cheese, drinking wine and putting up your feet on your own great balcony in some sweet avenue. A lot of websites will give you the perfect Parisian apartment rentals. These sites also have great tips on how to go around, quirky charms of this stylish city and pure bliss amidst Paris.

Hotels may be the more obvious choice but it won’t offer you the same experience of the real Paris. It’s not about room service, or concierge tips. To get a glimpse of their extraordinary appeal is to actually live and breathe in the real streets of Paris.

The Umph of a City

Why do we love France, anything French and their capital? It’s the umph factor of France the heart of it all which makes the difference and you have a chance to have that in the raw.

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