Is your Opinion of Exercise Affects your Weight?

Recent study show that overweight women’s brains were not completely enthused when images of physical activity where shown but when images of delicious food their brains increases urged.

Dislike Physical Activity

The study identified that overweight women’s brain function differently compare to the brains of thinner people, by the International Journal of Obesity, scientists affiliated with the Key Laboratory of Cognition and Personality at Southwest University in Chongqing, China. Using magnetic resonance imaging machine which scan blood flow to specific areas of the brain called the putamen. Thus, when overweight women were shown of images of food preparation or delicious food, they typically developed increased activity of the brain involved in reward processing or an urge to like things. However, it was completely different for thinner people when shown of the same images. It was also identified that overweight women’s brains were put off by exercise when shown of images of people being active. At the same time, a portion of the brain related to dealing with negative emotions lit up far more when they viewed images of moving than of sitting. Emotionally, the brain scans suggested, they anticipated disliking physical activity much more than they expected to disdain sitting.


To deal with this gap, researcher showed a series of images of individuals joyfully running, dancing, leaping and playing tennis. Overweight women were asked to vividly image of performing the same action using hand gesture and limited body moments. A professor of exercise science at Southwest University, Dr. Todd Jackson suggested to encourage people to pursue physical activities and exercise that they actually find pleasurable and might enjoy. He recommended hiring a kind, nonjudgmental coach or personal trainer to lead overweight women through a manageable exercise routine. He also suggested to trainers to strategized using incentive or reward system like swimming for extended hours about 45 minutes will allow them to use their iPod or surf the internet. “Don’t fight your brain’s unenthusiastic attitude toward exercise, Embrace it”, suggest by Dr. Jackson.

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  • January 25, 2014

    Michelle F.

    I agree that you have to have fun in order to keep up with exercise. I love doing Zumba :)