The Importance of Water to Keep Your Skin Younger

Drinking water adequately has many health benefits. It keeps your skin healthy, regulates body temperature, maintains energy level, helps the brain function and supports indigestion. The fact that skin is an organ and it is made up of cells. Insufficient intake of water turns our skin dry, tight and flaky. Skin dryness are less resilience and prone to wrinkling. Skin protects us from bacteria. Then main function of our skin covers our internal structures, provide sensation, regulate our body temperature and act as barrier to infectious agent.

Adequate Water

Drinking adequately or at least eight (8) glasses a day will help do away with the body and skin of toxins. Although not everyone will agree that water consumption will improve skin. However, many people reported that by increasing water intake, gives their skin more radiant glow. People who suffered from acne reported skin progress by taking more water. It will not happen overnight, but by increasing water intake for a good couple of weeks/months will show you how hydration affects your own skin.

Skin Condition

Dehydrated skin is a condition that has some overlap with dry skin. Dehydration is the loss of water from the body; it is the skin’s inability to retain its limited moisture in the epidermis. It is the quantity of water transmitted from the inside (dermal reserve) to the outside layers (epidermal) of the skin. Many people often get confused between DEHYDRATION and DRYNESS. Dryness is lack of oil on the skin and DEHYDRATION is lack of moisture in the skin.

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