Coping When Your Child Comes Out

In this day and age, homosexuality is much more accepted in our society. You may or may not be in favor of it, but what will you do if your son or daughter comes out to you and openly tells you that he is gay? You may feel shocked at first, but what next? Here is how to cope.

Don’t Tell Him That He Is Wrong

If you think that he is making a “mistake” by choosing this kind of lifestyle, it is preferable to keep it to yourself. Better yet, you should ponder about this question. Who would choose a lifestyle that has a bad stigma with other people? Your child do not want to experience hate and shame, both from the public and you, it just so happened that he accepted this as part of him.

Look At Him as a Person and Not a “Homo”

Your child is a homosexual, but that does not define him, his decisions, and his whole being. Realizing this from the start will lead you to respect him and his actions. Besides, nothing has changed. Your child is still the same person that you have raised and loved over the years. Show him the love he deserves because he really needs your support.

Try To Understand About Homosexuality

Ignorance brings fear and anger. That is why if you do not want to experience both, you better try to understand what it means to be gay, and how you can deal with it more. There are lots of books nowadays to help parents like you, so go for them and digest their meaning.

Instead of shouting at your child or beating him up, you should applaud him for having the guts to come out to you. This is not as easy as it seems because your child is fearful of your reaction. Because of that, he deserves respect and acceptance from you.

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