Dressing That Makes the Top-Heavy Figure Look Fabulous

Top-Heavy figure is usually difficult to dress and the older one gets, the more difficult it is to dress. This also goes with a top heavy girl who is 25 years of age because if you don’t dress to expose the curves, one would look matronly. At 50 a busty woman can pull the styling stops and just look marvelous. It requires a few tips here and there.

How a Full Bust Woman Dresses to look Stylish

A full bust woman should go for options of flattering a full bust by creating a column or an hourglass shape. Whichever way you decide will depend on your body shape because there are many variations on the full-busted silhouette. That matronly image can go by either choosing to show off some skin up top, shoulders or arms.

How Different Full Busted Women Dress to look Stylish

For a short and busty woman, go for dresses that are hip length to bring out a long body effect. If you wear a short jacket or cardigan, layer a longer top under it to bring out the length and height. Be careful with a belt and instead tie a hip slung belt that accentuates your hips to give you the hourglass shape. With this shape, do not go for baby doll dresses, shapeless baggy clothes and anything that is tight. For average tall and busty, go for something that accentuates your waist to create an hourglass shape avoid neckline that are U-shape or V-shape for they can flatter your shape.

Those having a Busty and Plus size should opt for a wrap bodice or layers to give it full structures over curves. Go for tailored dresses avoid ruffles, full sleeves but opt for a turned up collar, flattering haircut and great earrings. With age, a little cleavage if done in a good way looks sexy and appropriate. For bras, get those that fit well and you can top it off with a camisole to look stylish.

You should know that whatever your body size, you can look smart if you want. What one should do is to go for the right size of clothing, ensure that it accentuates your shape well just like the full busted who can make her body stylish.

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