Tips to Your Spotless Skin

The skin is a sensitive organ and as one grows, the changes can be noted. Teenagers are the majority who are affected because to them, having a perfect skin is a plus since at this age they are prone to changes. With the right tips, you can change your skin from oily to squeaky clean.

The beauty of the Skin

An attractive and beautiful skin is associated with good health. The skin is termed beautiful because it is free from all marks and blemishes. This is a dream which can be achieved through good hygiene and a healthy and balanced diet. If you eat well, your skin will also glow. Avoid the artificial way of the cosmetics and the likes and go the natural way.

How one attains a Spotless Skin Naturally

The best way to treat your skin is to go natural. Just use the fruits and vegetables in your home. Start with lemon; you can rub lemon juice once a week to your skin because the citric in lemon removes impurities and oils from your skin while the vitamin C makes the scars light. Sliced cucumber placed on dark spots makes them not to be noticeable. Potato juice could also be applied to any spot, the catecholase enzymes in the potato removes the dark spots. Aloe Vera mixed with tomato juice works well when massaged on the body.

This method provides moisture and anti oxidants to the skin making it radiant and young. Orange juice mixed together with olive oil and massaged on the face provides vitamin C and E that keeps the skin moisturized. How about a little milk added to honey and used on the skin, this brings out a perfect skin.

Going natural is the perfect way because it is healthy. Sometimes what makes us shy away from chemicals is the side effect. Both methods work but if you love your fruits and vegetables, why spend much when you can make your skin spotless just by using what is readily available. So next time your skin misbehaves, remember you have the remedy just under your nose.

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