Hiking For Your Mind Body And Soul

When people get sick of spending boatloads of money on expensive classes and boutique fitness studios, they often feel the need to get back to basics. Fitness should be fun, and when you’re worried about how you’re going to pay for your next class, it takes away from the experience. Fortunately, you can stay fit without spending a fortune; moderate exercise like hiking has been proven to have a wide array of health benefits, so get out there and explore some parks and trails.

Hiking enthusiasts enjoy many perks that come along with their hobby, and every time you get out and do some hiking, you enjoy the following benefits:

Boost Your Brain’s Power

Research shows that spending time outdoors boosts your creativity and increases your attention span; some say that a good hike in the morning gives you more of a boost than a strong cup of coffee. When you get outside and do some hiking, you give your mind a chance to unwind. You unplug from technology and the stresses of modern life, and you give yourself a chance to reset. When you do this, you clear negative thoughts, and you get yourself on track; this boosts your cognitive abilities, and it puts you in an excellent mindset.

Get Fit

Hiking enthusiasts like Yosef Meystel know that hitting the trail isn’t just good for your mind; they know that it’s an excellent way to stay fit and healthy. A slow hike burns about 500 calories per hour, and this number increases if you are hiking hard trails or have added weight in your backpack.

When you hike, you get fit without putting too much pressure on your shins and knees. It’s not like running where you are on hard asphalt; hiking takes place on soft trails, so it’s a lot lower impact for your joints and knees. Therefore, hiking is an excellent alternative to walking or running on hard asphalt or concrete. It’s very forgiving for your joints, and it burns a lot of calories, so you aren’t selling yourself short.

Hiking Makes You Happy

There’s nothing like being outside; it’s soothing, and it puts your mind at ease. So, it’s no wonder that hikers tend to be a happy bunch. Getting exercise in the great outdoors is an easy way to fight anxiety, depression and feelings of loneliness; hiking offers great mental benefits.

The next time you want to get some exercise, try hiking. It’s an excellent physical activity that doesn’t cost you a penny, and it comes packed with many benefits for your mind and body. Exercise doesn’t have to take place in a gym. Get outdoors, take a hike and enjoy mother nature.

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