Top Hair Fibers for Thinning Hair

It can be a genetic problem, stress, or even exposure to certain chemicals, but whatever the cause is, thinning hair has always been difficult for those experiencing it. As it impacts the self-confidence of a person, lots of products like KeraFiber were made to cater to this problem. Below are three of the most popular of the bunch that are sold in the market as we speak.


One of the leading brands when it comes to hair building fibers, the KeraFiber thickens your thinning hair and hides the problem areas. What users love most about it is its unnoticeable consistency. It does not stand out from your head, giving the appearance of a full hair without being out of place. Aside from that, there are tons of available colors to mix and match, allowing you to blend it effortlessly into your natural hair’s color.

Best Bang For Buck: They offer a money back guarantee wherein you can get a full refund. This gives you an idea of how the people behind KeraFiber really trust their product.


The next in line features a wet or dry option for its formula. Users can avail either, depending on what they are comfortable with. Like the KeraFiber, the Dermmatch coats the hair using its special solution. Most users are satisfied with it, but because this product works best when the hair is fuller, people with major thinning problems will have a hard time combining it with their natural hair. Other than that, it is a solid hair fiber that you can use.


This product is made from keratin which makes up the natural hair. That is why it gives off a genuine appearance which the users prefer. One downside to this product is you need to get another spray if you wish for the Toppik to stay longer or be more durable. Not only does it cost more money, the spray is also not water resistant.

Basically, those are the three hair building fibers in the market. You can still go with a good old wig, or even cover your thinning spot with a hat. However, none of those will work effectively or even give your self-confidence back. The lesson here is to invest in the best product possible.

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