7 Tips for Online Dating

Finding that special someone is never easy. With online dating sites, however, you can move the search out of bars and nightclubs and into the digital realm, forging a real connection with potential matches and getting to know them at your own pace. If you are on the prowl for Mr. or Mrs. Right, here are just seven tips for using the web to make it happen.

1. Find a Specialty Site

Instead of joining a run-of-the-mill dating site, look for one that caters exclusively to a trait or feature that matters to you. For example, if you’re religious, you might look for sites aimed at Christian singles. If you’re from an older generation, you might try your luck somewhere like singleandmature.com for over 40 dating.

2. Fill Out Your Entire Profile

Profiles are how others will decide if they’re interested in striking up a conversation with you. The more detail you provide, the more likely you are to receive a message from like-minded members. Detailed profiles are also used by site algorithms to suggest more compatible matches.

3. Upload Multiple Photos

A common complaint of online dating is that you can’t be sure if the other person really looks like their profile picture. An easy way to prove this is to upload multiple pictures of yourself in a variety of settings. When others see that you look the same at beaches and birthday parties alike, they’ll know they’re getting the real you.

4. Beware the Overshare

Detail is good, but you don’t want to be guilty of TMI. Your profile page isn’t the place to ruminate on your divorce, and people aren’t messaging you to hear your rants about your mother. If you wouldn’t share it on a first date, don’t share it over a dating website, either.

5. Be Honest

In addition to being truthful about things like quirks, hobbies and degrees, you should also be honest about what you’re hoping to get out of your online dating experience. If you aren’t ready for a serious relationship, don’t lie and say you are. Don’t skirt around the issue with “well, maybe I’d feel differently if I met the right person.” If everyone misrepresented themselves on dating sites, no one would get a date at all.

6. Be Wary of Certain Statements

Every single person on a dating website claims to be intelligent or “not like other people.” No one is going to admit that they’re below average. You should also watch out if someone says they have a “great sense of humor” yet nothing on their profile makes you laugh. People aren’t always the best judges of character when it comes to their own selves.

7. Meet Them In Person

At the end of the day, even an amazing virtual connection is still just a virtual connection. You’ll need to take things into the real world if you want to bond beyond pixels on a screen. Just make sure you stay safe when you meet someone for the first time!

If you’re tired of striking out at your usual haunts, aim for a home run with online dating. It’s fast, easy and convenient, and it allows you to really get to know someone before moving things to the next level. What do you have to lose?

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