A Fairytale Romance, Making Your Marriage Last

According to Nora Ephron, marriages come and go, but divorce is forever. However, we beg to differ. Marriages do last! You just need to be with the right person, give your best, and never do things to break your relationship. Here is a short guideline on how to have a fairytale romance.

Never Suppress Your Feeling

You may think this is cliché, but communication is the best way to make your marriage strong. The moment you tell your other half your doubts and fears, or whatever makes you feel bad, he will understand what goes in your mind, hence allowing him to understand you. Upon learning what makes you tick, he will reevaluate what he is doing for the better.

Learn To Compromise

He loves it, but you hate it. What now? Do not argue. Instead, find a middle ground. When it comes to marriage, one of you should not always be the priority. You should always be level with each other and meet halfway when it comes to decision making. Doing this will avoid arguments and harboring negative feelings.

Do Appreciate One Another

Does she look good tonight? Do not keep it to yourself, you have to tell her. The same goes for other aspect of your marriage. If you think she is doing something right, do not fail to compliment her, or vice versa.

Do not be a pessimist when it comes to love and marriage. The fact is you can grow old with someone you love while maintaining respect and admiration at the same time. Divorce does happen; but not to people who are willing to work it out.

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