Different Dresses for Your Body Type

Not every woman is the same. We each have our flaws and would not like to expose them when it comes to dressing. Be it heavy thighs, too-round bottom or a pudgy tummy but with a few ideas all this can disappear leaving you looking beautiful.

Types of Dresses for Body Types

If you have a pear-shaped body i.e. your hips are wider than your shoulder and you have a round thigh, dress to accentuate the positives: shoulders, arms, shapely waist and a delicate upper body. At your bottom, do not put on a tight skirt or pant, instead put on A-line skirt that reaches the knee area. The pant waist should come below the natural waistline. Do not go for patterned or light-colored pants. Tops should be fitted and not skintight because loose tops make you appear large. If you decide to wear jackets and blazers, wear them open for the vertical lines to appear. For dresses, look for those that fit at the waist and flare over hips and thighs. Go for sleeveless and strapless dresses. A properly raised waist dress could do here.

If you have an apple-shaped body which has heavy breast with narrow hips and slim legs, stick out by showing off those legs and cleavage. Go for tops that skim the body like knits and woven with stretch avoid tight tops they exaggerate your breasts. For your cleavage go for a peek an appealing lace trimmed camisole. For your bottom, get an A-line skirt to give you the hourglass look. A flat-front pant and five-pocket jeans to hide your tummy. For dresses a sleeveless black sheath, a strapless dress with corseted top would do.

Body Tips for Every Figure

Always wear colors that make you appear great. Most of the colors you could try on are pink, blue, and white. You just need to change the intensity of the colors to suit your clothing. Avoid clothing with high-waisted, pleated pants that have narrow ankle openings. When looking for what suits your figure, do not worry about what makes you trendy just mind about what flatters you then add handbags, accessories and shoes to complete.

The figure you have should not be a problem when it comes to dressing well. Whatever the shape you have, you will look smart and trendy if you match your dressing well with the correct colors and taste.

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