Experiences of Parenting with Teenage Changes

Teenage behavior is hard to deal with when on school vocation that is combined with holiday festivities. Most teens become too excited at this time. Ignoring such behavior is the best remedy only if the behavior is too much should one take stern action. Most teenagers are trying to cope with the pressure of finding their true self, fitting in and dealing with the changes that come with puberty.

What You Should know about Teen Depression

Parents should be aware of the signs of teenage depression. Note that not all those teens with mood swings and negative behaviors are depressed. Depression is treatable but the parent, teacher or guardian should provide access to the right support. The signs that show that your teenager is depressed are: lack of concentration, suicidal thoughts, extreme fatigue or missing sleep, feeling not worthy, withdrawn from the world, spells of crying, anger, rage or hostility. Parents should note how long this has been going on and in case it has taken too long your teenager has completely changed, then the parent should seek help.

What are the Effects of Teenage Depression

Most parents think that when their teenager is moody, then the teenager is depressed but that is not the case. Depression falls in, in many forms. If you notice that your child’s grade is declining know that there is lack of concentration because the child is depressed. When a child tries to run away from home, that’s another sign. If he starts taking drugs, has low self esteem, is addicted to the internet, has negative behaviors and finally is violent all these are results of depression. When you notice these changes, take heed.

Teenagers should be treated cautiously and parents should be alert to changes taking place. Avoid the notion that mood swings brings depression. Bring your teenager close to you and involve him/her with work and questions. Know what they like and what they do not like.

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