What Your Dreams Are Telling You

Many cultures strongly believe in the ability for dreams to impart wisdom about your life. For some, dreams combine fragments of your life experience, especially what happened during that day, to tell you something. It is a way for your brain to work through these events and share the answer with you.

Dreams remain an aspect of science that eludes knowledge. Several branches of science continually study dreams, including psychology, to determine the meaning behind them. Sigmund Freud famously wrote a book entitled The Interpretation of Dreams, and there are now hundreds to thousands more offering advice on what your dreams are telling you.

Your Mental and Physical Health

Dreams may provide insight into your mental and physical health. The information found in a dream comes from the subconscious, which may be more in tune into any health issues than your conscious mind. Often, these concepts come in the form of symbols or analogies, which can make it more difficult to decipher. For example, a car may be used to symbolize the body, and the state of the car could be an insight into your physical health.

Freud’s Interpretation of Dreams was his hypothesis that dreams provide insight into the unconscious, which in turn could shine a light on a person’s psychological state. Many other psychologists since Freud have also considered dreams as a tool for looking at the subconscious for insight into the causes of certain psychological illnesses.

Issues of Importance

The action or location of the dream may highlight some issues that are of importance to you. If you dream about your place of work, then you may be feeling stress about work or your mind may have been in a working mindset before you went to sleep. Dreams about change could be trying to tell you that it is time to make a change in your life, or just alter how you think about certain things.

Finding Solutions to Problems

Several studies about dreams demonstrate their ability to help people solve complex problems. The dream state offers an opportunity to creatively look at a problem and try to develop solutions. This creative thinking has led to many people finding the answer to a complex problem, or at least be in a better mindset to work anew on the problem the next day. The create state of dreams also has inspired many artists to create their latest masterpieces.

How You Feel About Yourself

Dreams can also provide insight into how you feel about yourself. Many believe that every person in your dreams is a representative of yourself. Therefore, dreams that feature someone with negative characteristics could be highlighting aspects of yourself that you wish to change, or simply that you handled something poorly that day. What you and others wear in your dreams can also provide insight into the side of yourself that you wish to express. Nudity often reveals your true self, and if you are comfortable in this nudity, then you are likewise comfortable with yourself.

Whether you gain insight into yourself, your health, or simply solve a problem, you can often find many benefits from looking closely at your dreams. At the minimum, a good night’s sleep that involves dreaming will help you to look at problems afresh the next day and contribute to a long, healthy life. Mattresses play a big part in the quality of your sleep; improve the quality of your sleep with a quality mattress from www.1800mattress.com.

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