Pregnancy Style of our Favorite Celebrities

It is good and shocking to know when our favorite female celebrities become pregnant. Currently, actresses Olivia Wilde and Drew Barrymore and singer Gwen Stefani currently have babies in their wombs. However, it does not stop them from improving their fashion sense. Let us look at their maternity fashion and styles.

Olivia Wilde

The 29 year old actress Olivia Wilde is keeping herself fit while pregnant. She was recently seen in a tie-dyed tank shop wearing a pair of leggings and a bright colored pair of sneakers. Although her hairstyle was like blown by the wind, she carries a shoulder bag, stunning sunglasses, and wears her perfect smile.

Drew Barrymore

The 38 year old Charlie’s Angel and award winning actress was seen wearing black sporting pants which made her legs appear long. She also wears a navy top and a heavy grey jacket which improved her overall maternity looks. She also showed off her bright colored clutch and her pink nail polish since she is expecting a baby girl soon.

Gwen Stefani

The 44 year old singer Gwen Stefani did not ruin her fashion and style even though she is pregnant. She was seen wearing a silky and loose emerald blazer with a harem styled bottom. The outfit was a perfect fit for her since she also just arrived from a business meeting. Moreover, she also wore a pair of stilettos. Her blonde pulled hair also looked gorgeous. She carried framing sunglass and a shoulder bag.

Knowing the pregnancy of some of our favorite celebrities is really fascinating. But what’s even more astounding is the fact that they were able to maintain their goo looks even though they are in a very delicate and crucial situation. Let’s just congratulate them for their achievements.

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