Easy Ways For Water Purification

Millions of bacteria and small particles are swimming in the water as we speak. The moment you ingest it, you are in for a trip to the bathroom or worse, the hospital. To prevent those bad effects, as well as to help those who do not have a clean water source, here are some ways to purify your water.

When At Home:

The easiest way to chlorine free water is to boil it at home. This can be done by using a pot or a kettle. Some people stop the boiling process after 3 minutes, but to ensure that the water is rid of harmful microorganisms, wait until there are bubbles in the water, and then continue heating for 5 to 10 minutes. It is simple, cheap, not to mention all the materials are found inside the home.

When Using Chemicals:

Another way to purify water is by using the purification tablets. This can be obtained at any stores that cater for hiking, adventure, or sports. You can also buy it from an online store. Perhaps the only disadvantage of the tablets is the aftertaste it gives in your mouth. However, that is better than being sick.

With Equipment:

If you have the budget for it, you can get a water purifier. It is more expensive than the other methods, but it is guaranteed to remove the harmful bacteria. Those things come with instructions, so you will not have problems with the purification process. For the less costly type, there are small bottles that come with its own purifier. It is built in and you can take it anywhere.

When In The Wild:

For those stuck in the wilderness, the best thing to do for a safe drinking water is to filter it with cloth. While this does not totally lessen or eradicate the microorganisms, the bigger particles will be strained, making it safer for you and your companions to consume.

Wherever you may be or whatever budget you have, let the following guide you towards having a safe and clear drinking water. Use the methods above whenever you are not sure if the water you are drinking is fit for consumption.

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