Safeguard Your Skin During Cruise Vacation

Going on a cruise can be tons of fun. There will be new destinations, new memories and new friends. Knowing what to pack for your cruise is essential for having a good time and getting the most from your cruise vacation.

IWarm Weather Cruising

If you are sailing into the turquoise waters of the Caribbean, or the raging sun in Mexico, you will need adequate sun protection. This means packing your hat with the large brim, a few extra pairs of sunglasses, and of course, the best sunscreen without oxybenzone. The sun can be fierce year round, so adequate sun protection is a must-have for any warm weather cruise. Bring along swimwear, cool clothing and extra bags to store wet suits and swim shoes.

Cold Weather Cruising

Sailing through the fjords of Alaska or Norway can be enthralling. Watch as glaciers melt, eagles soar and salmon swim in these rugged destinations. For these cruises, binoculars, warm parkas and hiking books are essential. Your cruise guide might take out on small boats called zodiacs, so it is important that your clothing is waterproof. Bring along a hat, a waterproof camera and gloves.

Cruising With Kids

Cruising with kids is an adventure in itself. There are many activities for the kids to enjoy onboard, so pack with this in mind. Your child might need an old shirt for arts and crafts activities, a few swimsuits, sun hats, water shoes, small toys and pool floaties. There may also be a formal night onboard, so pack their spiffy duds so they will look great in all of your cruise pictures.

Packing for Your Cruise Cabin

Cruise cabins are notoriously small. Pack a power strip so you have enough outlets to charge all of your devices. A hanging shoe bag comes in handy for storing things in the bathroom. Hang it over the back of the door to hold your toothbrushes, combs, lotions and shampoo. Post it notes are great for telling your cabin mates exactly where you will be at all times. Bring an alarm clock, as most cabins do not come with clocks.

Don’t forget the cruise essentials like your cameras, extra lenses and formal wear. Beach gear and bags are a must for days outside in the sun. When it comes to packing the right gear for your cruise, don’t forget the essentials. Pack everything that you and the kids will need for a fun week at sea.

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