A Single Gal’s Guideline Prep Before The First Date

Good for you for saying yes to a date. Scared? No worries, that is normal. Opening up to a stranger even to someone you already know can be difficult. Being terrified is but your average reaction. Follow these guidelines so you can keep your mind on what’s important, dating.

Play music while dressing up

Nothing to relax you more than a fun playlist to keep your spirits up. Regaining confidence is of course reminding yourself of who you are and what you want. What easy way to do that but by listening to your favorite artists while checking out outfits to wear.

Picking up the right outfit

Follow the dress code of the place you are going to. Upscale restaurant, choose from your dressier outfits. Movie date, great slacks can do, or if you are more comfortable with jeans, dress it up a little with a nice top or a fabulous accessory, belts bags and necklace. Keep it clean simple and easy to maneuver in, comfort is the key to toning down scare, just don’t overdo it and wear jogging pants and a hoodie.

Light Meal and Hydrate

Eating a light meal before a date is good. But nervous eating before a date or starving yourself may result in uneasy bloating or uncomfortable hunger, or worse acidity. Hydrate and eat a little so your nerves won’t be shot and being yourself won’t be that easy.

Last minute checks

  • Outfit
  • Shoes
  • Hair & make up
  • Teeth

It’s nice to be out on a date. Don’t forget to enjoy it. Remember to be open, fun and positive. A lot can happen with each date. So keep this list for your future guide to any date to keep things trouble-free and enjoyable.

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