Planning A 2in1 Oversea Trip

At present times, it is quite common to hear of someone going overseas to seek cheaper beauty treatment away from home. With both the internet and travelling by air, seeking overseas beauty treatment has been made possible and convenient.

Quite often, we have heard of people making a holiday + beauty treatment trip to some popular holiday destinations such as Phuket, Pattaya, Bali & etc. just to name a few. Seeking beauty treatment in these countries help saves up to about 70% compared to the cost of treatment at home. But we can’t help asking how safe these overseas treatments are.

To avoid falling into the hands of unscrupulous practitioners, it is safer to check out the medical practitioners and clinics that are quality and reliability checked. has a list of about 1600 highly qualified and professional doctors that are screened through in 9 countries and they provide virtual tours & details of practitioners and clinic for their prospective clients to check out.

Some of the beauty treatments these holiday makers go for are usually the non-invasive beauty procedure such as botox injections. The injections help to give the patient a more youthful look and by the time they are back from their holidays, people will think that they had a good rested holiday!

Another common beauty treatment seek out by holiday makers is the laser skin resurfacing treatment. This treatment is for reducing facial wrinkles, blotches, blemishes or acne scars, etc. to help the skin look younger and healthier.

It is interesting to find out the types of beauty treatment that can be done to remove the aging or sagging skin or the wrinkles or crow’s feet from your face.

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