Steps to Heal a Broken Heart

You broke up, it’s over, it’s the end of an era and you feel like the world is crumbling down on you. Easy feelings and thoughts especially after a break up. You have opened yourself up for this person and now your heart is shattered.

Give yourself time to heal

It is a wound, gaping and aching, and just like any wound you give it time to heal. Cry it out and when you are ready call in the team and gripe it off. Let it all out, don’t be afraid to let it all out. Your dreams for the relationship to the reason why you thought this was the one to your disappointments that it turned out false.

Keep a journal

A great way to ease out of the pain is writing it all down in a journal. Because even if you know there’s nothing good that came out of the relationship now, but later on you will realize that what you learned from this relationship can be brought to the next, as long as you know that it is finished.

Box the memories from your life

Some say deleting the person out of your life is the best way to forget. It is the easiest and simplest solution to keep yourself from remembering because forgetting is hard enough so a simple out of sight out of mind solution may be the thing to do it.  Gather all of your memorabilia from your ex partner and put them in a box to be put away either in the attic or the basement or if you prefer in the trash, but we recommend just the away from your living space.

Break ups are never good. You guys could have done it without the mess and bad screaming bouts, however there is a wound and there will always be pain. It may be difficult to see that you can smile again, but as Miranda of SATC would say “ If it’s really funny, you’ll laugh again.”

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