Throwing a Successful Party for Dieters

Millions of people in the United States alone follow diet plans each year. While some follow diets because they want to get in shape and lose a few extra pounds, others stick to diets for health or other reasons. Gluten-free dieters often suffer from serious symptoms after eating a dish that contains gluten, and vegetarians may avoid meat for ethical reasons. Though you may think that it’s nearly impossible to throw a party and serve food appropriate for all types of dieters, you actually can make your next party a big success.

Examine the Food Tables

Start with a simple examination of your food tables. Make sure that you have at least one dish that is appropriate for the dieters in your group. Try dividing the tables into different sections to reduce the risk of cross-contamination too. If your brother or sister cannot eat gluten, he or she may become sick after eating a gluten-free dish that sat too close to a dish with gluten. Use small flags or signs to let guests know which dishes are safe to eat. Offer a selection of main dishes, entrees and even desserts that do not contain meat, meat byproducts, gluten, dairy or sugar.

Think About the Bar

Even if you put out a spread that is appropriate for vegetarians, vegans, gluten-free guests and diabetic diners, you still aren’t done. You need to give some thought to the bar and the drinks that you serve. Diabetics and others cannot ingest sugar and will need drinks that they can safely drink like lemonade made with a sugar substitute or diet soda. You can also look online for low carb alcoholic cocktails. In addition to recipes that you can make the day of the party, you’ll also find prepared cocktails that you can chill and serve.

Ask for Help

Don’t be afraid to ask for help from your party guests, especially if you aren’t sure what type of diets they follow or what they can and cannot eat. Instead of going overboard and trying to make dozens of dishes for all your guests, encourage them to bring their favorite dishes to share. This is also a great way for other guests to sample vegetarian, gluten-free and other types of specialty dishes. With help from your friends, a delicious buffet and some amazing drinks, your party menu will appeal to all types of guests.

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