Look Beyond the Standard Dental Cleaning

Scheduling an appointment with the dentist isn’t always at the top of people’s to-do lists, but it’s a critical part of your overall health. Your dentist performs more services than just X-rays and tooth polishing. In fact, he or she has a host of different services that they can provide when necessary. Take a look at the dental care that can help you create that brilliant smile.

Dealing With Plaque

Modern dentists will usually pull out a motorized, cleaning utensil to clear out plaque from your gum line. However, these machines don’t always catch every area. Many dentists are returning to the use of dental picks as a way to really remove all of the plaque. Don’t be concerned about a traditional tool being used. Dentists who opt for this strategy will often have a gentle touch.

Adding Crowns or Bridges

You may have lost a tooth or several teeth to disease or an accident. It’s unhealthy to allow your gums to remain exposed after these issues, however. The remaining teeth may move around and other problems will slowly materialize. Allow your dentist to install a crown or bridge, depending on the necessary dental work. These permanent fixtures in your mouth will improve the smile and protect the remaining teeth.

Removing Problematic Teeth

Toothaches are indicators that an issue is occurring at the gum level. You might have one or more teeth that are decaying from poor hygiene or outright disease. Allow your dentist to pull these teeth when necessary. Bacteria from a bad tooth can enter your bloodstream and affect the rest of the body. Your dental professional is there to help you with every health concern.

Thinking About Orthodontia

A dentist will often work closely with a nearby orthodontist. While the dentist takes care of your teeth and gums, the orthodontist focuses on straightening your smile. Consider a consultation with an orthodontist after a dental cleaning. The professional can tell you if any crooked teeth will hinder your oral health. Straightening a smile in your younger years will only improve your health for the rest of your life.

Dentistry remains a skill and an art, which means that every professional will have a different opinion of your prospective care. You’re always welcome to visit several facilities, such as an FHDC dentist practice, in order to narrow down your favorite expert. At the end of the day, you’ll only help yourself with a better and healthier smile.

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