Mix Up Your Oats

Oats are one of the best sources of fiber, vitamins, protein, and antioxidants that help reduce the risk of heart disease. It helps your body function better and make it healthier. The health benefits of eating oats is endless—even processed oats such as instant oatmeal still provide the same amount of nutrients. There’s a catch, however. Some people just can’t tolerate the taste of oatmeal and, since it’s the most popular way to take oats, are left with no other option other than to avoid it. If you are one of these people and want to include more oats into your diet, here are some ways to mix it up!

Baked Oats

Everyone loves cookies. Try to buy or bake oatmeal cookies instead of the regular ones—it gives your sweet tooth something to smile about and also gets you the right amount of fiber and nutrients from oats. You can also try out a variety of oat breads such as blueberry oat quick bread, oat soda bread, and birdseed bread.

Blended Oats

You can also add oats to your daily diet by blending it into a glass of smoothie! You can mix it with low-fat skim milk and some fruits to make it more delectable. Another great tasting oat beverage is oat milk. However, it’s a little more difficult to make because it requires you to pour hot water into your blender container.

Sweet Oats

Desserts can be made healthier with oats as well! You can make chocolate oat bars without the use of an oven—just melt all the ingredients, mix them up good, and allow it to set in the fridge. This makes for a satisfying and filling delicacy that’s also guilt-free and good for the body!

Oats in Veggies

Don’t be so quick to judge this mix! Once you try a mushroom and spinach quiche with an oats for the crust, you’ll surely change your mind about limiting oats only for breakfast. You can also mix it up with other vegetables and savory recipes!

There are thousands of ways to sneak in oats into your daily diet, just be creative and open-minded. Keep your options open for other alternatives for oatmeal and you’ll find many more reasons to love oats!

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