The Perfect Ways You And All Your Girlfriends Can End This Year Right

With all the holidays and parties coming up for the end of 2016, it is a great time to get together with your girlfriends, go shopping, make plans, and figure out how to end the year right. I can’t speak for all, but it seems as if every year goes faster the older we get. Make the best of 2016 by spending time with the ones you love most doing things you enjoy. Here are a few options if you’re stuck on ideas…

Rotate Party Locations

It’s no lie that hosting a party takes a lot of preparation, planning and work. Try to divide the planning equally amongst the group, but definitely rotate the location each time so that one person isn’t stressed about hosting every weekend. Also, it’s a really good idea to ask each of the guests to bring something to contribute so that the entire load doesn’t fall onto you; soda, snacks, appetizers, and dessert are all great to bring for a party. This will also save your wallet a little by not footing the entire bill! After each party, chip in and help clean up. Save anything that can be reused, then start planning for the next!

Don’t Hold Back on the Guests

This time of year only lasts a few months, so don’t be picky with your parties. Put on a holiday smile and welcome just about anyone, old friends and new. It may be a long time before you see a lot of these people again so take a moment to say hello and catch up. Who knows, it may even spark an old friendship into something great again.

Pamper Yourselves

Since you are going to be doing so much planning, be sure you all take time off for yourselves between parties and events. Go out for a girl’s day regularly to get your nails done, have hair appointments together, and possibly even get your makeup and eyelashes done for the biggest and best parties; you all deserve it! Happy Holidays!!

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