Domestic Corporal Punishment Should Be Avoided

Numerous countries around the world prohibit corporal punishment or disciplining children through physical hitting. However, numerous parents still exercise this kind of activity. They believe that this is a way to make a child behave even just light hitting. It is in fact very devastating to know this and moreover, some people recommend this.

What is corporal punishment?

Corporal punishment takes the form of physical punishment wherein the receiver will be inflicted of pain as compensation for a wrongdoing, offense or any other activity or action that is deemed wrong by the one who inflicts the pain. This is more of a domestic type of corporal punishment wherein the parents or guardians punish the children. Punishments are typically physically inflicted such as hitting, slapping, or using an object to hit the child.

Reasons not to exercise corporal punishment

Corporal punishment does not promote discipline but different negative aspects. First, hitting children makes them become offensive and hitters themselves. Studies show that hitting children has a direct relationship with the violent and offensive tendencies of children once they become teenagers or adults. Second, corporal punishment makes efficient and more creative way to solve problems unknown to a child. Punished children tend to become aggressive and vengeful thus making punishment or physical offenses the only way to solve a problem. And third, domestic corporal punishment may generate a barrier between the bond of a child and the parent.

Every people have the right to protection of their physical selves. Children are people too and also included in this right. Gentle words with care and love are the most effective way for a child to learn and understand things. Parents should make them grow into understanding and good citizens not into aggressive and vengeful people who show no sign of success in life.

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