Make Minimalism Work For You

So often when you open up any interior design magazine, there will be pages covered in elegant pictures of minimalistic living rooms and bedrooms, their walls adorned by nothing except two shelves with a contrasting vase on each. However, for pretty much any normal house, this is just not realistic; we simply own too much stuff. Where to keep spare tea towels in a minimalistic kitchen?

Have a big clear out

The sad truth is that, to have a minimalistic house, you must first de-clutter it. It may seem painful at first, but the psychological relief will be totally worth it. You’ll find things that you didn’t even know you had, and that means that it’s definitely not being used or looked at. Unless it’s useful or incredibly beautiful and sentimental, chuck it. You’ll feel so much better for it.

Hide it

Choose storage that has the clean lines you’re searching for, and avoid glass doors. All they do it exhibit your stuff for the rest of the world to see; much better to choose a cabinet that can hide it all. This BESTÅ cabinet from IKEA (below) is a great example because it’s simple, large and the white allows you to repaint it if you’re going from a different colour scheme.

Avoid patterns

Even a messy, junk-filled room can look almost minimalistic if all the furniture and furnishings are a plain, matte colour. Visually, patterns make an item look messier and more hectic, whilst a plain finish will bring more order. Choose blinds over curtains as well, as they have a cleaner finish that will add less fuss to the room.

Create a “storage room”

Almost every house has a room that is almost too small to be a room, or an airing cupboard, or cupboard under the stairs… you catch my drift. Point is, that is you make use of these unseen spaces to their fullest by installing shelves, cupboard, boxes or trunks, then you will clear up space in your common spaces to help you achieve the look that you want.

A minimalistic look works fantastically is most homes. It’s modern and tidy look appeals to so many people because it’s easy to maintain (there’s also less dusting to do of those annoying nick-knacks that so many of us accumulate for no good reason!), and brings a sense of calm at the end of a stressful day. Ultimately, of course, your house is your own and you should make the best of it so that it fits your tastes and styles.

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