The 3 Day Military Diet

So many fad diets are thrown at us everyday that most people have lost hope of ever finding “the one” that’s going to deliver a slim, toned body without the urge to eat everything and everyone. So I was intrigued to come across this 3 day, not-too-hardcore starvation diet, apparently used by the army to slim down quickly. Although it recommends some exercise, it advises not to overdo it because of the extremely low calorie count for each day. Will I wake up on day 3 a size 6?

Day 1

Breakfast- Toast with peanut butter, half a grapefruit and a black coffee.

Lunch- ½ cup tuna, toast and a black coffee.

Dinner- 3 ounces of meat, green beans, small apple, ½ banana and cup of ice cream.

So far, so good. All the meals are quite filling, so I haven’t felt too deprived, but neither have I felt full. The lunch is a little miserable (can I not have a small salad with it?) but I powered on. I drank absolute tons of water as is recommended with the diet and attempted a slow jog, which I think has helped to keep my mind away from food. My weigh in this morning was 58kg, so keeping my fingers crossed for the next weigh in on day 4.

Day 2

Breakfast- Toast, hard boiled egg and ½ banana.

Lunch- Cup cottage cheese, egg and 5 saltine crackers.

Dinner- 2 hot dogs, broccoli, carrots, ½ banana and cup of ice cream.

I’m a fan of any diet that recommends that I eat ice cream, but it almost feels like a tease throughout the day. Dinner was amazingly filling and satisfying, even if the hot dogs were a little grim. I’m not usually a cottage cheese fan, but I mashed the egg into it and made it into a dip for the crackers which was pretty good. Again, I drank plenty of water and walking to keep my mind away from the “I’m on a diet” mentality that usually ends in a binge!

Day 3

Breakfast- Slice of cheddar, small apple and 5 saltine crackers.

Lunch- Toast and egg.

Dinner- Cup of tuna, ½ banana and cup of ice cream.

Oh my lord, there is just not enough food on this day! I was running around at work all day and I genuinely thought I would collapse at about 4pm. Compared to the other days, this day definitely put the “starvation” into “starvation diet” and I was feeling it. I managed to stick to it though by continuously drinking ice cold water to fill up my stomach and tried not to dream too much about food.

Returning to my normal diet felt so nice after yesterday. Sure, I ate healthier than I might have done otherwise and it certainly broke my snacking habit, but the weigh in results this morning show that I have only lost 1kg, which could have been a normal weight fluctuation rather than due to the diet. Maybe if I was to repeat it every week I would begin to see a difference, but Day 3 has put me off completely. Just eat healthily, you’ll feel much better and with not too different results.

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