Our Obsession With The Duchess

Of Cambridge, that is. Ever since her fairytale wedding to Prince William in 2011, Kate Middleton has enchanted almost the entire world with her down to earth attitude, impeccable style and relatable persona. She appealed to the public in a way that her late mother-in-law, Lady Diana Spencer, did and more, by reaching a much larger audience. Here are just a few reasons why we love our Queen-to-be.

He broke her heart

Everyone can empathise with having your heart broken, but for it to be so public must have really stung. It’s all too tempting to let your hair down and be seen doing things you’d rather not be seen doing. When the young couple called it quits in 2007 whilst on holiday, Kate kept her head down and spent the next few years working quietly for her family’s business and staying out of the public and paparazzi glare. A classy move that definitely paid off, because three years later, she got engaged to William after much speculation that they had rekindled their relationship.

The “Kate Middleton effect”

Anything, and I mean anything, that this woman wears instantly flies off the shelves the second that a photo is published. She has done more to regenerate the British high street than most celebrities and she always looks impeccable, yet chic and comfortable. Her look is achievable for most modern women, which makes us able to look up to her as a role model. She appears just as comfortable in a ball gown as she does walking her dog in wellies, and that makes her seem like more of an actual person, and less like a doll.

Charity benefactor

As royalty, she is undoubtedly expected to be the benefactor of several charities to give something back to the public who essentially pays for her upkeep. Choosing these charities must be an incredibly difficult task, because there are only so many that you can help and so many people in need. One charity in particular that I think that the Duchess has really helped is Action on Addiction, which focusing on helping addicts to conquer their demons. So often, people who take drugs are seen as nothing of worth and scum, but by patronizing a charity supporting them, she can bring her incredible popularity with her and help change the way in which we deal with such a complicated and consuming illness.

We, of course, cannot forget that her popularity is a huge boost to the British economy, bolstering up our fashion labels, tourism and merchandising companies in a time of financial uncertainty. She has helped the British royal family to regain some of the fans that it had once lost, and to secure it for at least while against the threat of republicanism. She’s British and helps us love being British, and that’s pretty amazing.

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