Three Signs That You or a Loved One Has a Sexual Addiction

It may seem absurd to many people that there can be such a thing as sexual addiction, but the fact is that there are people who suffer from this form of addiction, and it can be devastating to a person with this affliction as well as those close to them. Many of the effects of sexual addiction are no different than those found with other addictions. The following is a quick overview of the major signs of a sexual addiction.

Sexual activity is interfering with your life

Most sexual activity is healthy, but there are certain responsibilities and obligations that all of us have. When sex begins to interfere with getting things done at home or at work, then you may have an addiction that needs to be addressed. Some people have sexual addictions that are so bad that it has cost them their jobs. However, even a less intense form of sexual addiction can mean a loss of productivity at work or with relationships, and this can lead to a lower quality of life.

A lot of time spent viewing pornography

Whether it is images or movies, whether it is magazines, videos or the internet, sexual addiction can take the form of self-gratification. There does not necessarily need to be a partner. The main sign of sexual addiction with pornography is the same one that is seen when there is a sexual partner. It is the time that it takes away from obligations to your employer, friends and family.

Increasing your sexual activity

This increase is done to achieve the same level of satisfaction you have found in the past. The quality of the sex is reduced, and the quantity increases. It is almost as if a tolerance is building up to sexual satisfaction. Often this takes the form of multiple partners, but it can also be seen with more time spent in search of pornography that will gratify you. In either case, it simply takes more intense stimulation to bring satisfaction. Of course, the time that this satisfaction lasts is increasingly shorter.

The signs listed above are only scratching the surface. If you or a loved one have a sexual addiction, the good news is that there is help available. To determine if you have an addiction, it is best to seek Therapy in Philadelphia. A professional therapist can evaluate you to determine the extent of your addiction. A clinic for Sex Addiction Recovery in Philadelphia can then determine the best course of treatment.

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