5 foods for a more healthy and beautiful you

You want to be more healthy and beautiful and don’t know what to eat to help improve your health and beauty. There are a few types of food that can help the process to be more healthy and to make your skin feel more beautiful.

  1. Green tea

Green tea helps hydrate your body and skin. This is a good idea to drink a cup of green tea in the morning for your overall better body. The green tea also helps keep your body slim and fit. Green tea has a lot of nutrients in that the body needs

  1. Nuts and seeds

To eat nuts and seeds everyday as a snack gives your more vitamin E. Vitamin E helps to keep your skin younger for longer. And eating nuts and seeds as snacks is much healthier than to eat chips or a chocolate as snacks.

  1. Eat more tomatoes

Putting more tomatoes in your diet will help you to rejuvenate your skin cells and keep your body in top form. Tomatoes are also full of antioxidants that benefit the  overall health of your body. They also have fibre and Vitamin A that the body needs to be in top form. It is better to eat a tomato that are cooked, but if you like raw tomatoes better, it doesn’t matter. Just eat more tomatoes every day.

  1. Drink lots of water

This is the most important rule of keeping healthy and beautiful. Drink lots of water each day! Water is the key ingredient that will keep the body healthy and beautiful. To drink water you are cleansing your body of toxins. To drink water will also help you with any weight issues that you might have. Drinking water will also help that your skin will look healthier and glowing. Drink up to eight glasses of water every day. No excuses!

  1. Strawberries

There is more vitamin C in strawberries than in oranges. Vitamin C is very important for your body. Vitamin C also keeps the skin hydrated and help with ant-aging. It helps to get rid of unhealthy cells and Vitamin C help to recover quickly from a cold or the flu. It is important to get a daily dose of Vitamin C in your body.

This is food that are not expensive and not very hard to find. So everyone can eat these 5 foods each day to improve the health and beauty of their  bodies. And the best part is that the 5 foods that are necessary for a healthy body, taste nice and most of us like eating these foods.

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