How to Go Shopping with Kids

Are you a mom that have little kids to take with you when shopping? Are you frustrated with the kids in the shops? There is nothing worse if you are going to the shops and there is another child screaming at his mom, because he wants something. Every time I saw a child throwing a tantrum in the shops, I say thank you to myself for teaching my children from the get go, no tantrums are allowed. And that they will never nag for something in the shops

Why is there children screaming in the shops

There is always a child screaming in the shops of throwing tantrums in the shops, because the kids are getting their way when they are screaming. There are some mothers that think you can give a child just this time what they want, so that they can keep quiet. But Children are a lot smarter than we think. Next time they will try it again, and they will get their way again. This is where the bad behavior is born. Sometimes parents are saying always “yes”, and then the one time they must say no, the children don’t understand why and then the tantrums start.

How to solve it when a kid is having tantrum’s in the shops

The best is to let the child stay with someone if you know that your child is going to throw a tantrum in the shops. This will learn the child that the bad behavior is not tolerated. If you really can’t leave the child with someone, there is something you can do to learn that behavior off. If he is starting to throw a tantrum, take him immediately to the car and calm him down. If he is calm try shopping again. Don’t buy him anything that day. Tell him that if he doesn’t throw any tantrums or nags, you will buy him something at the end of the day. And do it. Don’t make promises that you don’t keep.

If you are saying no to your child, stick to the no. If the no is changed to a yes, just ones, the child will know that mommy can change her mind if I am keeping nagging.

It is possible to go to the shops with a little child without any tantrums and nagging.  Just don’t give in to the child if you already said no. This is the biggest mistake every parent can make. No are no, and that is that. And no tantrums are tolerated. If you keep this up, your child will learn that there is no use in throwing a tantrum or to keep on nagging. And shopping can be done in peace and quiet.

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