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You must be a very loving parent to you child thinking that you are providing him everything. However, as a parent you must also know your limitations. It doesn’t mean that loving him makes him as healthy as he can be. Doctors are also needed. They will tell you an official health status of your child.

Events at the office

As you go to the doctor, the first thing to happen is to do some tests to your child. Nurses may administer these tests. Such tests include measuring your child’s weight, height, blood pressure, and body temperatures. They know what range is normal and what is not. These are primary tests that can tell whether your child is healthy or not.

Events with the doctor

After those initial tests, the doctor will now go with the more serious check-up. Here are the following tests that can be done by the doctor:

  1. The doctor checks your child’s heartbeat with a stethoscope. He will determine if the sound of the heartbeat is normal or not.
  2. The doctor can check the ears, nose, and throat. Since they know what these parts normally look like, they can easily detect if there is a flaw or defect.
  3. The doctor will look into the eyes of your child. He can check the vision and if there are some abnormalities in the eyes.
  4. The doctors will check if there are abnormalities in the abdomen areas. If there are, then this can be the sign of diseases in the stomach, liver, or any other internal parts of the abdomen.
  5. The doctor will also check the genitals if they are in normal conditions.
  6. The doctor can also check the bones especially the spine. He will know if there are bone diseases or other bone abnormalities.

These things are the doctors’ normal jobs. They will be the one to tell if the health of your child is in proper condition. This is to avoid any other more serious problems. Raise your child to be as healthy as he can be.

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Three Signs That You or a Loved One Has a Sexual Addiction Tue, 15 Aug 2017 10:09:47 +0000
It may seem absurd to many people that there can be such a thing as sexual addiction, but the fact is that there are people who suffer from this form of addiction, and it can be devastating to a person with this affliction as well as those close to them. Many of the effects of sexual addiction are no different than those found with other addictions. The following is a quick overview of the major signs of a sexual addiction.

Sexual activity is interfering with your life

Most sexual activity is healthy, but there are certain responsibilities and obligations that all of us have. When sex begins to interfere with getting things done at home or at work, then you may have an addiction that needs to be addressed. Some people have sexual addictions that are so bad that it has cost them their jobs. However, even a less intense form of sexual addiction can mean a loss of productivity at work or with relationships, and this can lead to a lower quality of life.

A lot of time spent viewing pornography

Whether it is images or movies, whether it is magazines, videos or the internet, sexual addiction can take the form of self-gratification. There does not necessarily need to be a partner. The main sign of sexual addiction with pornography is the same one that is seen when there is a sexual partner. It is the time that it takes away from obligations to your employer, friends and family.

Increasing your sexual activity

This increase is done to achieve the same level of satisfaction you have found in the past. The quality of the sex is reduced, and the quantity increases. It is almost as if a tolerance is building up to sexual satisfaction. Often this takes the form of multiple partners, but it can also be seen with more time spent in search of pornography that will gratify you. In either case, it simply takes more intense stimulation to bring satisfaction. Of course, the time that this satisfaction lasts is increasingly shorter.

The signs listed above are only scratching the surface. If you or a loved one have a sexual addiction, the good news is that there is help available. To determine if you have an addiction, it is best to seek Therapy in Philadelphia. A professional therapist can evaluate you to determine the extent of your addiction. A clinic for Sex Addiction Recovery in Philadelphia can then determine the best course of treatment.

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Dental Care for our Children Mon, 17 Jul 2017 17:53:58 +0000
Below are some useful guidelines to enhance your children routines on dental care and oral hygiene.

Brushing Teeth

Teach your children the important of brushing their teeth at least twice a day or soon after meals. By brushing teeth regularly it eliminates bad bacteria that reside on your oral cavity that causes halitosis or bad breath. It rid of plaques and prevents tooth decay.


Pick a proper toothbrush for your children mouth care. Generally, dentist suggests us to use soft tooth brush to stop gums from bleeding cause by heavy brushing. Choose a toothbrush with a tongue cleaner to maximize its use. Select toothpaste to your children that provide to their oral requirements. Your children’s dentists recommend toothpaste rich in fluoride. It is beneficial to strengthen your children tooth enamel producing it a lot more resistant to achievable tooth decay. It is also believed that fluoride reduces the amount of acid which aids in thinning the tooth enamel resulting to cavities. If you wish to have brighter and whiter teeth, deciding on a tooth paste with whitening granules can support.

Lessen Chocolates

Kids love chocolates. Talk to your kids to consider lesser eating chocolate. Chocolates and sweets contribute to a speedy decline of your tooth enamel. Lessen also your kids’ intake of caffeine such as sodas because it causes your children teeth to stain.

Visit a Dentist

Make a habit among your family members to visit the dentist at least twice a year. It is required in order to obtain optimum dental care and hygiene. Dentists can do dental function ups on tooth cracks, moving tooth, and open tooth cavities by applying essential interventions.

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Getting Started in Wedding Planning Wed, 05 Jul 2017 17:49:24 +0000
One of the hardest challenges in wedding is planning it. There are a lot of things to be checked, done and see before you even walk in the aisle and say your vows together in front of your guests. But, if you can be successful in starting it then everything would be possible and easier for you.

Hire a Wedding Planner

To have a better preparation for your wedding, it is best if you are going to hire a wedding planner that would easily help you from the different things that you have to do. They know the whole process better than you so it is really ideal for you to ask for their help.

Talk with your Partner

When deciding and planning for your wedding, it is important that you are going to discuss and talk with your partner to have better ideas about it. The two of you needs to decide and choose the right things for your wedding together.

Share the Duties and Works

It is very ideal if you can share and divide the duties to your partner as it could help you in easily finishing the things that needs to be done and have the perfect wedding that both of you are dreaming on.
When starting on your wedding plan, you have to keep in your mind that there is a lot of process that needs to be done and you have to be ready for it. If you want to have a perfect wedding then make sure to have enough time in planning it.

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Stay Calm When Your Child Has Fever Fri, 02 Jun 2017 17:46:08 +0000
It really is difficult to stay calm whenever your child or especially your baby suffers from a fever since we all know that fevers are usually the first symptoms of illnesses. However, parents should be relaxed and know the appropriate ways to treat a sick child.

What is Fever?

Fever is mostly mistaken by people as an illness. However, doctors say that whenever your child has fever instead of worrying too much you should be happy about it. Fever is a sign that the immune system is functioning well and fighting foreign bodies away from a person’s body. Since having a fever is most likely a treatment for an illness by increasing temperature to kill bacteria or viruses, it usually can be treated at home.

Look for other symptoms

Normal temperature for a child is 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit. When the temperature reaches 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit or higher, then he or she has fever. Some symptoms associated with fever includes sweating due to high temperature, shivering, head and muscle aches, irritability, and loss of appetite. Some also becomes easily thirsty associated with increase heartbeat and breathing speed. These are due to the loss of fluid in the body. If some major symptoms occur such as stiffness of the back and neck, lethargy, sore throat, painful urination, or painful ears or stomach, then you must go to your doctor. These symptoms may be signs of a more serious illness that should be treated immediately in order to prevent more serious cases that could be fatal.

Fevers should be taken seriously but not too seriously. Parents panicking during these times are not of help. Proper knowledge and understanding will help the family to overcome these e kinds of obstacles. You will not only be saving your child, but also time and money.

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Stop Killing Your House Plants Sun, 14 May 2017 17:42:34 +0000
I have a serious confession to make: I’m a murderer. A killer of life, no less. Surely I must be wanted somewhere for my crimes. The unhappy of fate of any plant that enters my house is to starve, drown or fall prey to some mystery illness. At first, I believed it was them. I now understand that it’s me. So I stuck my nose around and gained a few tips from a few experts (namely, my mum) to help life flourish within my walls.

Don’t water plants every single day

It may sound counter-intuitive, but how often does it rain everyday? Plants are not designed to receive constant water but rather to retain water when it is present. It is much better to water your plants reasonably generously three times a week or they’ll drown and rot from the roots. Of course, that’s only a rule of thumb; if in doubt about a specific plant, pop into a local garden centre and ask for their advice. Just remember to water them, unlike me who forgets them for two weeks at a time then wonders why they are looking lifeless.

Don’t put them near sources of heat

This means radiators, heaters, fireplaces, hobs, anything that produces heat. Unless you need to keep your plant in a special greenhouse, most plants prefer to be on the chilly side. They certainly don’t appreciate the artificial heat that radiators and central heating produces because it dries them out too quickly. In some cases, it can also encourage diseases. Place them away from these sources, preferably outside or near a cool window.

Make sure that you rotate your plants

Almost everyone knows that a plant will lean towards the nearest source of light of optimal photosynthesis. However, if you don’t rotate the plant every now and then, it can get too heavy or cause the side away from the sun to whither. Your plant might not die, per se, but it’ll look strange and not produce as many flowers or leaves.

Since following these tips, I have successfully managed to maintain a scotch bonnet chilli plant in my room and it seems to be enjoying itself. Plants are a wonderful addition to any living space, and are a great way to make a small room seem bigger. If you are in doubt about any of the plants in your house or are interested in cultivating your own indoor-outdoor space, ask for help in your local garden centre.

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Our Obsession With The Duchess Fri, 05 May 2017 17:18:55 +0000

Of Cambridge, that is. Ever since her fairytale wedding to Prince William in 2011, Kate Middleton has enchanted almost the entire world with her down to earth attitude, impeccable style and relatable persona. She appealed to the public in a way that her late mother-in-law, Lady Diana Spencer, did and more, by reaching a much larger audience. Here are just a few reasons why we love our Queen-to-be.

He broke her heart

Everyone can empathise with having your heart broken, but for it to be so public must have really stung. It’s all too tempting to let your hair down and be seen doing things you’d rather not be seen doing. When the young couple called it quits in 2007 whilst on holiday, Kate kept her head down and spent the next few years working quietly for her family’s business and staying out of the public and paparazzi glare. A classy move that definitely paid off, because three years later, she got engaged to William after much speculation that they had rekindled their relationship.

The “Kate Middleton effect”

Anything, and I mean anything, that this woman wears instantly flies off the shelves the second that a photo is published. She has done more to regenerate the British high street than most celebrities and she always looks impeccable, yet chic and comfortable. Her look is achievable for most modern women, which makes us able to look up to her as a role model. She appears just as comfortable in a ball gown as she does walking her dog in wellies, and that makes her seem like more of an actual person, and less like a doll.

Charity benefactor

As royalty, she is undoubtedly expected to be the benefactor of several charities to give something back to the public who essentially pays for her upkeep. Choosing these charities must be an incredibly difficult task, because there are only so many that you can help and so many people in need. One charity in particular that I think that the Duchess has really helped is Action on Addiction, which focusing on helping addicts to conquer their demons. So often, people who take drugs are seen as nothing of worth and scum, but by patronizing a charity supporting them, she can bring her incredible popularity with her and help change the way in which we deal with such a complicated and consuming illness.

We, of course, cannot forget that her popularity is a huge boost to the British economy, bolstering up our fashion labels, tourism and merchandising companies in a time of financial uncertainty. She has helped the British royal family to regain some of the fans that it had once lost, and to secure it for at least while against the threat of republicanism. She’s British and helps us love being British, and that’s pretty amazing.

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Get Ready for Your Wedding with Cosmetic Dentistry Tue, 02 May 2017 23:39:10 +0000

Couples plan their perfect wedding day for months… sometimes years. While no wedding every goes off without a hitch or two, mistakes or mishaps should never reflect in the pictures. So why should you even consider hiding your smile? According to the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentists, 51% of patients visit a cosmetic dentist for repair work while a whopping 86% of patients seek out services to improve physical attraction. On your wedding day, all eyes will be on you. Cosmetic dentistry offers several options to help you achieve the look you desire so your big day is picture perfect.

Professional Teeth Whitening

Even if you’re fortunate enough to have perfect teeth, chances are common life habits have caused the enamel to darken several shades. Coffee or tea, smoking, alcohol, and even certain fruits and vegetables can stain or dull your pearly whites. While over-the-counter kits do work in a pinch, they’re one-size-fits-all solutions that simply don’t work for serious needs. And let’s face it, who doesn’t want to stand out on their wedding day?

Professional whitening can lighten your teeth 5-8 or more shades lighter than any shelf kits–yes, even the expensive brand names with promises right on the box. And your new white smile can be completed within an hour or over your lunch break. Is it any wonder teeth whitening is the most popular cosmetic dentistry procedure?

Cosmetic Tooth Bonding

Cracks, chips, and even minor breaks in your teeth can be easily forgotten or ignored during daily life, but they’re captured forever in wedding photographs. With cosmetic bonding, the dentist matches a composite material to the shade of your surrounding teeth. The material is artistically sculpted and bonded to fill in and repair the issue. It’s then cured by a special light, polished, and you’re on your way. Bonding can be completed in as little as one office visit, so it’s a perfect solution for your special day.

Opt for a Crown

You’re basically going to be royalty anyway for the day anyway, so why not go all in? Sometimes teeth are so damaged that bonding simply won’t work. And sometimes multiple teeth need repair, so it’s a smarter and more cost-effective move to opt for a crown. A porcelain crown is like a cap that’s shaped, molded, and fitted directly onto the damaged tooth or teeth to restore your natural beauty. Usually, this procedure requires a couple office visits. Your Johns Creek cosmetic dentist may need to take X-rays to ensure the health of the surrounding tissue, roots, and bone before creating your new smile.

Porcelain Veneers and Lumineers

Imperfect smiles can be charming, but if you have multiple issues or have always wanted a celebrity smile, it may be time to rely on Hollywood’s “secret”. After all, no one is born with a red carpet smile. Most celebrities have round-the-clock beauty teams and on-call dentists. And porcelain veneers are the most common procedure for Hollywood glam. Veneers are wafer-thin porcelain shells that are colored and shaped to perfectly match and fit your teeth.

Whether your teeth are misaligned, gapped, stained, or chipped, veneers can easily hide any imperfections. Veneers usually take a few visits because the procedure requires some drilling or filing of existing enamel. Lumineers, on the other hand, are thinned and non-invasive options to porcelain veneers. Regardless of your needs, your smile should be a reminder of the most memorable day of your life. Family & Cosmetic Dental Care in Suwanee, Georgia is just a call away when you’re ready to become picture perfect.

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The 3 Day Military Diet Fri, 14 Apr 2017 17:13:14 +0000
So many fad diets are thrown at us everyday that most people have lost hope of ever finding “the one” that’s going to deliver a slim, toned body without the urge to eat everything and everyone. So I was intrigued to come across this 3 day, not-too-hardcore starvation diet, apparently used by the army to slim down quickly. Although it recommends some exercise, it advises not to overdo it because of the extremely low calorie count for each day. Will I wake up on day 3 a size 6?

Day 1

Breakfast- Toast with peanut butter, half a grapefruit and a black coffee.

Lunch- ½ cup tuna, toast and a black coffee.

Dinner- 3 ounces of meat, green beans, small apple, ½ banana and cup of ice cream.

So far, so good. All the meals are quite filling, so I haven’t felt too deprived, but neither have I felt full. The lunch is a little miserable (can I not have a small salad with it?) but I powered on. I drank absolute tons of water as is recommended with the diet and attempted a slow jog, which I think has helped to keep my mind away from food. My weigh in this morning was 58kg, so keeping my fingers crossed for the next weigh in on day 4.

Day 2

Breakfast- Toast, hard boiled egg and ½ banana.

Lunch- Cup cottage cheese, egg and 5 saltine crackers.

Dinner- 2 hot dogs, broccoli, carrots, ½ banana and cup of ice cream.

I’m a fan of any diet that recommends that I eat ice cream, but it almost feels like a tease throughout the day. Dinner was amazingly filling and satisfying, even if the hot dogs were a little grim. I’m not usually a cottage cheese fan, but I mashed the egg into it and made it into a dip for the crackers which was pretty good. Again, I drank plenty of water and walking to keep my mind away from the “I’m on a diet” mentality that usually ends in a binge!

Day 3

Breakfast- Slice of cheddar, small apple and 5 saltine crackers.

Lunch- Toast and egg.

Dinner- Cup of tuna, ½ banana and cup of ice cream.

Oh my lord, there is just not enough food on this day! I was running around at work all day and I genuinely thought I would collapse at about 4pm. Compared to the other days, this day definitely put the “starvation” into “starvation diet” and I was feeling it. I managed to stick to it though by continuously drinking ice cold water to fill up my stomach and tried not to dream too much about food.

Returning to my normal diet felt so nice after yesterday. Sure, I ate healthier than I might have done otherwise and it certainly broke my snacking habit, but the weigh in results this morning show that I have only lost 1kg, which could have been a normal weight fluctuation rather than due to the diet. Maybe if I was to repeat it every week I would begin to see a difference, but Day 3 has put me off completely. Just eat healthily, you’ll feel much better and with not too different results.

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Make Minimalism Work For You Tue, 04 Apr 2017 17:06:02 +0000
So often when you open up any interior design magazine, there will be pages covered in elegant pictures of minimalistic living rooms and bedrooms, their walls adorned by nothing except two shelves with a contrasting vase on each. However, for pretty much any normal house, this is just not realistic; we simply own too much stuff. Where to keep spare tea towels in a minimalistic kitchen?

Have a big clear out

The sad truth is that, to have a minimalistic house, you must first de-clutter it. It may seem painful at first, but the psychological relief will be totally worth it. You’ll find things that you didn’t even know you had, and that means that it’s definitely not being used or looked at. Unless it’s useful or incredibly beautiful and sentimental, chuck it. You’ll feel so much better for it.

Hide it

Choose storage that has the clean lines you’re searching for, and avoid glass doors. All they do it exhibit your stuff for the rest of the world to see; much better to choose a cabinet that can hide it all. This BESTÅ cabinet from IKEA (below) is a great example because it’s simple, large and the white allows you to repaint it if you’re going from a different colour scheme.

Avoid patterns

Even a messy, junk-filled room can look almost minimalistic if all the furniture and furnishings are a plain, matte colour. Visually, patterns make an item look messier and more hectic, whilst a plain finish will bring more order. Choose blinds over curtains as well, as they have a cleaner finish that will add less fuss to the room.

Create a “storage room”

Almost every house has a room that is almost too small to be a room, or an airing cupboard, or cupboard under the stairs… you catch my drift. Point is, that is you make use of these unseen spaces to their fullest by installing shelves, cupboard, boxes or trunks, then you will clear up space in your common spaces to help you achieve the look that you want.

A minimalistic look works fantastically is most homes. It’s modern and tidy look appeals to so many people because it’s easy to maintain (there’s also less dusting to do of those annoying nick-knacks that so many of us accumulate for no good reason!), and brings a sense of calm at the end of a stressful day. Ultimately, of course, your house is your own and you should make the best of it so that it fits your tastes and styles.

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